Applying to NARIC or another authority?

You wish to continue studying at an educational institution in Flanders

You can then directly contact your educational institution of choice. You do not need to apply to NARIC for equivalence.


You are seeking to enter a regulated profession with a qualification obtained in one of the EEA countries

Did you gain your qualification in a European Economic Area (EEA) country and does the qualification enable you to enter a regulated profession in your home county? In many cases, you can submit your application for entering the profession directly to the competent authorities via a professional recognition. There is no need to start a recognition procedure with NARIC.

A regulated or protected profession is a professional activity the access to which and practice of which is determined by law (professions with a legally defined condition with regard to the diploma required). For those professions, specific professional qualifications are necessary. For example, the professions of physician, nurse responsible for general care, midwife, pharmacist, veterinary surgeon and dental practitioner are regulated in all the member States of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland.  The procedure of professional recognition of a foreign diploma implies that it is verified whether a European directive on access to regulated professions is applicable to a foreign diploma. If the European directive is applicable, the holder of the foreign diploma gets access to the profession concerned.

In order to qualify for the application of European directive 2013/55/UE, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You gained your qualification in an EEA country.
  • Your qualification gives entry into a regulated profession in your country of origin.
  • You are a national of an EEA country (not all competent authorities apply this condition).
  • The profession is a regulated profession in Belgium.


There are a number of exceptions to these conditions:

You meet the condition of nationality if:

  • you are a relative of an EEA citizen who exercises his or her right to free movement of persons
  • you are holder of a blue card
  • you are of Swiss nationality
  • you are a refugee and gained your qualification in an EEA country
  • you have dual nationality with at least one part being EEA nationality

You meet the condition concerning the country of qualification if:

  • you gained the qualification in a country outside the EEA, but the qualification was recognised in another EEA country and you have been in practice in the regulated profession for at least three years in that EEA country.


Do you meet these conditions?

Please contact the authority that is competent for your profession. Each authority has its own procedure for professional recognition.


Do you fail to meet these conditions?

You cannot apply for professional recognition. However, you can apply to NARIC for recognition of your qualification. Please note: for many regulated professions (e.g. nurses, doctors, etc.) you still must to apply to the competent authority for entry into the profession after recognition by NARIC.


Where can I apply for professional recognition?

Take a look at the list with authorities for professional recognition.


Your qualification is automatically equivalent to a Flemish qualification

Some qualifications issued abroad are automatically recognised in Flanders. There is no need to start a recognition procedure with NARIC as recognition is incorporated in legislation.


What do you have to do if your qualification is automatically recognised?

This recognition allows you to apply directly to an employer for a job. If the employer is unfamiliar with this automatic recognition, you refer to the legal provisions. Please find the legal provisions below.


Which qualifications are automatically recognised?

Choose the country where you gained your qualification: