Information for refugees

For whom?

  • Asylum seekers: submitted their application for asylum to the Immigration Office.
  • Recognised refugees: received the international protected refugee status from the competent federal authorities as described in the Geneva Convention.
  • Subsidiary protected: are not eligible for the status of protected refugees but the persons concerned have a well-founded fear of being persecuted or suffering serious and unjustified harm if returning to the country of origin. 

Asylum seekers, beneficiaries of refugee status and of subsidiary protection status have legal residence status.

More information on Office of the Commissioner General for Refugees and Stateless Persons.


The procedure is free of charge

If, when applying, you have the status of asylum seeker, the recognised refugee or subsidiary protection status, you can seek recognition of a foreign study certificate free of charge. A welcome office can help you in this.


Do you have all the documents required?

Check whether you have all required documents.


NARIC handles your file under the normal procedure.


  • You need at least one supporting document proving that you completed your education abroad.  For example a qualification, a transcript of the final year of study, a provisional qualification or a duplicate of a qualification.
  • Lodge an application for recognition of your foreign qualification.
  • Please complete the additional questionnaire. (docx fileApplication for recognition of the equivalence of a foreign certificate - refugees (223 KB))
  • Opt for recognition of level of your foreign qualification.
  • You only choose specific recognition if:
    • you want to practice a regulated profession. For example nurse, doctor of medicine, architect, etc.) 
    • Je een beroep met een beschermde titel wil uitoefenen. Bijvoorbeeld industrieel ingenieur, handelsingenieur, meester, dierenarts, vroedvrouw, maatschappelijk assistent…
    • you are eligible for a VLIR-traject



If you are holder of a master diploma of business-economics, engineering or exact sciences, you are invited to take part in a VLIR procedure, a route within a Flemish university. Here, we examine whether your training programme sufficiently links up with a training programme in Flanders.

  • You will be invited for an intake interview in one of the Flemish universities. This interview is determining for your participation in the pathway towards equivalence of your qualification. If you are accepted, you can enrol, free of charge, as an invited student at one of the Flemish universities.
  • During one semester, you take part in some programme components in a related English or Dutch master, supplemented with a seminar and a work placement or writing assignment. At the end of this pathway, a decision shall be taken about the equivalence of your foreign qualification.

Do you want more information about this procedure? Please contact NARIC.

If you are not able to participate in such a pathway, you should seek a level recognition for your foreign qualification.