Duration and costs

How long does recognition procedure take?

Recognition of level Specific recognition
60 calendar days 120 calendar days

NARIC tries to handle all files within this period.

This period starts from the date of submission of the required documents. If you submit an incomplete file, we contact you to request submission of the missing documents.

The handling period starts when the missing documents are added to the file. You have 6 months to send in the missing documents. If you fail to do so, your file will be closed. If the 6 month period has passed and you submit the missing documents after all, you must pay again or present a valid proof of exemption. So make sure that your file is complete before submitting it.

There is an exception for refugees. (link) More information is available at the page containing information for refugees. 

When the authenticity of a foreign qualification is questioned, NARIC may exceptionally extend the period to conduct the necessary authenticity checks.


How much does the recognition cost?

Recogntion of level 90 EUR
Specific recognition 180 EUR
Specific recognition of a doctorate 300 EUR

When you have submitted your file, you receive instructions for making a bank transfer. You will receive those via e-mail. In your application.

The equivalence assessment is free of charge for applicants who fall under one of the following categories at the time of their application:

  • for asylum seekers who can prove their status this via Annex 26 of the Home Affairs Federal Public Service combined with a valid registration certificate.
  • for recognised refugees or subsidiary protected who can prove this via Annex 26 of the Home Affairs Federal Public Service, by presenting a declaration of the Office of the Commissioner General for Refugees and Stateless Persons or a residence permit
  • for beneficiaries of supplementary medical coverage who are able to prove this by presenting evidence provided by a health insurance fund
  • for beneficiaries of income support from a public centre for social welfare (OCMW) or social help equal to income support;
  • for those who are integrating and have signed an integration contract within the period of 3 years prior to the recognition application
  • for jobseekers having signed an individualised guidance contract or individual agreements document with the VDAB within the period of 2 years prior to the application for recognition
  • for jobseekers having an action plan or participating in a career coaching plan provided by ACTIRIS or one of its Dutch-language partners with whom agreements were entered into within the period of 2 years prior to the application for recognition

If you belong to one of these groups, add supporting evidence to your file. Then you do not have to pay for your application.