Recognition of level or specific recognition

NARIC-Vlaanderen has two distinct procedures: level recognition and specific recognition. Fill in the questions and get personal advice on the procedure you should choose.


Recognition of level

Specific recognition

What is the difference?
  • NARIC decides on the level of your foreign certificate in Flanders.
  •  NARIC decides on the specific Flemish qualification to which your foreign certificate is equivalent.
Examples of decisions
  • Diploma of secondary education - general secondary education
  • Higher vocational education (hbo5) graduate
  • Bachelor
  • Master
  • Certificate of healthcare assistant
  • Bachelor of business administration with specialisation in accountancy-expertise in taxation
  • Bachelor of social work
  • Master of Arts in architecture
  • Doctor of Applied biological Sciences
You choose this procedure if:
  • knowledge of the level of education suffices to apply for a job (applicable in most cases).
  • you do not (no longer) have all the obligatory supporting documents needed for a specific recognition: for example, individuals with the status of asylum seeker, recognised refugee or subsidiary protected.
  • there are no corresponding study programmes in Flanders (for example, mining engineer). Check here whether your study programme exists in Flanders.
  • recognition of equivalence to a specific certificate is required for a particular job (in exceptional cases).
  • if you want to work in a regulated profession (e.g. physician, nurse, architect, accountant, etc.) on the basis of a qualification earned outside the EEA.
  • you want to use a protected title: e.g. industrial engineer, commercial engineer,  master, civil engineer, civil engineer-architect, bioscience engineer, physician, dentist, veterinary surgeon, pharmacist, architect, interior architect, midwife, social worker etc.
How much does it cost?

90 EUR or exempted

180 EUR or exemptedy

Doctor: 300 EUR of exemptedy

How long does it take? 60 calendar days 120 calendar days